Gareth Hughes is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur with 20 years experience developing medical technologies. In 1998, Dr. Hughes became the first full-time employee of MedCam, Inc., a startup company developing retinal scanning devices similar to Google Glass technology. Since working at MedCam, Gareth has continued efforts within the startup realm having helped start several companies including Computer Optical Systems (a micro-optics company), Medical Nanotechnologies (one of the first cancer nanomedicine companies), and Xanapath (a cancer diagnostics company). Throughout his startup career, Dr. Hughes has helped bring in $20 million in early-stage funding for his own ideas and for his clients.

He is also co-owner of The GLITCH & Co, an apparel designing and decorating company, and recently launched ScienceFun4Kids to promote science and technology to children. Gareth has a Chemical Engineering degree from University of Cincinnati, a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minnesota and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Dallas.